Brains Academy is going to conduct SCHOOL LEVEL COMPETITION, will be conducted in your own school.

BRAINS MATH CHAMPION is a competition platform is designed to develop mental aptitude in kids. By engaging kids in mathematical problems, brain teasers, our mind games help enhance various critical skill-sets like critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. There will be significant improvement in speed and accuracy of solving Mathematical problems, which indirectly helps them to improve their score in school examinations. Finally BRAINS MATHCHAMPION builds a confidence level which stays with the students forever... Participation in a competition always brings delight if the results mean an achievement.


  • To make the solving of mathematical problems a fun activity and in general to sharpen a child's mathematical skills.

  • To test not the mechanical part of problem solving, but a child's ability to understand the basic concept on various topics and their application.

  • To emphasize mental arithmetic which is essential for quick and clear thinking as well as speed and accuracy.

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